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Dr. Zack Elle's Y2K Survival Kit

Zelda 2: Z2k

Zack Elle
ICQ UIN: 27934238
AIM: Zack1712

   This is my gift to you, and everyone in general: Z2k. Z2k is my Zelda 2 hack, for better or for worse-for better, some say. Here, you can download a beta of the game, as well as peruse screenshots.

     I've been working on this hack since about the 23rd of December, I've just been too busy (read: LAZY) to update the project. I've added screenshots, the first beta, and a progress report of how far I am.

This update's screenshots:
       other screenshots (1)
       other screenshots (2)


beta download:

beta 1
- featuring none of the stuff you see to the left here, BUT - a lowercase font and changed overworld graphics are there.