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FF Fight GIF Tournament
     Terra versus Celes
     Edgar versus Sabin
     Umaro versus Mog
     Leo versus Locke
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The Final Fantasy FIGHT Tournament

With Hyuga's wonderful GIF that he made, I got inspired... I always wanted to do this, but I never really knew how until I saw Hyuga's Red Wizard vs. Black Wizard GIF. Update--I found it! Click on the link above to get it.


Terra vs Celes - AVI
   This was my first FIGHT GIF... it took me a LONG time to make, and even though it's the largest filesize, it's the shortest in length. You'll be surprised who the winner is. ((:

Edgar vs Sabin - transparent - AVI
    My third FIGHT GIF, this one is my second favorite. I added a lot of effects to it to make it look better, especially at the end... you know who won. (:

Umaro vs Mog - AVI
    I made this directly after Edgar vs Sabin, and believe you me, it was fun. Umaro doesn't have a lot of animations, so I used a LOT of good effects in this one.

Leo vs Locke - AVI - spoiler
    With this, I declare myself master of the GIF format. (: It is quite possibly the best I've done yet, more than 1/4 of the frames have effects added in... all of which are DIFFICULT effects to do frame after frame, heck, they were even hard to do singularly! Yes, you guessed it-this one is my favorite. (:

Setzer vs Gogo (Daryl)
   (not completed)

Shadow vs Cyan
   (not completed)

Relm vs Gau (** also: The Battle for the Second worst character in FF3)
   (not completed - the winner of this match will skip semifinals)