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 Japanese Terms

Why would you need these terms? Well, in case you ever have a hankering to really piss someone off, or if there's a hot Japanese foreign exchange student named Ami. Or, just to waste time and drool at my madness of skills.

Either way, this is not done-I do not have much time to update this page, I will update the page more terms as time passes by.

Last update: 12.01.99

       (everyday stuff)

Konnichiwa (kon ni chi wa)
-     Hello
Konbanwa (kon ban wa)
-     Good evening
Ohayo gozaimasu (oh hi oh go zye mas)
-     Good morning
Sumimasen (smee ma sen)
-     I'm sorry (excuse me, thank you)
Gomen nasai (gomen na sai)
-     I'm sorry (very formal)
Ii na.. (ee na)
-     Good...
Ja ne (jya nay)
-     See ya later (for girls only)
Ja mata (jya mah tah)
-     Seeya later
Mata ne (mah tah nay)
-     See ya
Wa sugoi! (wah ssgoi)
-     wow!
Douitashimashite (dough ee tashi mah shi tay)
-     You're welcome.
Ogenkidesuka? (oh gainki deska)
-     How are you?
Yokatta (yoh kah ta)
-     Good job! (I like it!)
Ii desu ka? (ee deska)
-     Is that okay?
Kore wa nan desuka? (kohray wah nandeska)
-     What is this/that?
Ima nanji desuka? (eemah nahngee deska)
-     What time is it?

      (not everyday terms)

kireina hitomi dane! (key reyna hetoeme dahnay)
-        You have beautiful eyes!
Watashi wa anato-o aisu (wahtahshe wah ahnahtoe oh aisu