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Final Fantasy FIGHT GIFs (or other)

   There could be hundreds of cool fights between characters of RPGs and/or other games (like Megaman vs Zero:)... so, whatever pops in my head as "cool", I do. (:

Shadow vs Edge - AVI
    This is my second fight GIF. It took me the longest for me to make, and this is where I started using effects in the GIFs. In this GIF, I took it to myself to create a fight for the best FF ninja (not including Yuffie, she would get her ass kicked), and create it I did. Some people call this my best work, but it's not. However, it IS the longest of all my works. (: Enjoy it.

Cecil vs Kain - AVI - Transparent
   Wouldn't it be awesome if Cecil and Kain were to fight to death? I'm sure you're thinking "Kain would win! Kain would win!", but let me tell you this: in the Japanese version, Cecil was just as good. For some odd reason, the coders censored out Cecil's best move... so, I've decided to make it even for these two. As of 07.26.99, the GIF is done and as of that date, it is by far my best GIF. I utilized literally dozens of effects that made it look almost seemless and impeccably smooth. It's best viewed with ACDSee.