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Zack Elle
ICQ UIN: 27934238
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     Well, ChronoCraft is now officially on hold. It seems like there's no interest in it... sure, I got one or two emails about it, but that's pretty much it. Maybe, if there was some serious interest, I'd continue it...
     No, that's a lie. I won't continue it-PL722 took my StarCraft CD and isn't going to give it back, ever. So, I don't have StarCraft and can't continue it.
     That being said, PL722 is off the staff. So are CSAW and Dragoon-kun... they haven't produced ANYTHING for the page.
They even take pride in that. Slayer is still on, and he's creating a demo map for ChronoCraft... after that, ChronoCraft will be discontinued. If I get enough feedback asking that I continue it, I will.
    If you are interested in what I WILL be doing, I will be working on Fight GIFs again. As Dragoon-kun is fired, I have no choice but to take up the most popular section of the site... and hopefully get more publicity.

-Zack Elle

   Lots of new things today. Lucca is done! She took me a long time to do, due to lazyness and how odd the Ghost is laid out.
   More screenshots!
   I updated the CWAD to the absolute latest... so, you can use that CWAD, and it'd have Lucca, Crono and Marle in it. Awesome.

   5 new screenshots, all showing off how far I've done on Lucca. (:

   ChronoCraft section of the site redesigned. Fear.

   Lots of stuff today... first off, screenshots; second, PLOT(!), third, a new staff member!
   The screenshots aren't really "screenshots"; they're comparisons from original StarCraft to ChronoCraft.

   Marle is done! Overall, she took me about 4 hours... but everything about her, head to toe, is DONE.
   I've also added some screenshots! 7 more, to be exact! (: For now, though, I'm taking a break. I'm moving on to Lucca, but give me a few days.

   More screenshots! They show my progress on Marle.
   Added a FILES section on this page; check the bottom right hand corner... the Crono CWAD is there! ChronoCraft IS real!

   More screenshots... (:

   Page put up. Screenshots added. Info posted accross the 'net.

  This is my latest project (as of 08.22.99, actually 07.04.99), the ChronoCraft project. The purpose of this project is very simple: to replace the StarCraft: Brood War characters with Chrono Trigger characters. Don't know what StarCraft is? lol, check it out here.

  In truth, I've not done much on the project, though it feels as though I have. (: I have finished editing Crono only as of this point (it only took 2 hours for all the images to be edited, thanks to help from Photoshop 5.0's macroes:), and am currently working on Marle. -- 08.26.99: Marle is finished! On to Lucca. -- 09.07.99: Lucca is finished! Now, on to Robo! --

   I am not yet fluent with map making (SCuMs), so if you'd like to help, PLEASE! I have NO knowledge of how to make maps....... you will be MORE than thanked, trust me; you'll have your name on the project, and more.

   As I can't make maps, the odds of there being a story behind the hack I'm doing will be slim-to-none. I have a storyline... but if you're willing to contribute, I'll add your stories, too. I want this project to be "open source", if you will; people will be able to take my CWADs and be able to play around with them in games. That's my ultimate goal...

I was thinking of not having anything to prove my work, but nah. :P Here are some screenshots (last updated 09.08.99).

In closing, if you can help me, PLEASE contact me! I will need as much help as possible with this...


    (21 as of 09.08.99)
-   Screenshots of ChronoCraft.

ChronoCraft CWAD, version .30
    (needs STARDRAFT 1.05 to      run)
-   Replaces the Terran Firebat     with Crono from Chrono     Trigger, the Terran Marine
    with Marle, and the Ghost     with
Lucca. Also includes     some data changes, such as 6     persons to a bunker.

Plot outline
    (as of 08.27.99)
-   The plot to ChronoCraft.